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When it comes to great work, the importance of a strong, skilled team is undeniable! Hence, at Amrit Cement we have paid close attention to developing an exceptional network of Board of Directors, employees and dealers. Being professionally managed by such a strong team of well qualified and experienced people has worked wonders for Amrit’s progress!

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Round the clock help and services: 1800 345 6000 Dedicated testing vans for faster and better delivery Equipments and gadgets to test and show results immediately

Concrete Test Cube The concrete test cube determines the compressive strength of the concrete.

Digital Compression Testing Machine The digital compression testing machine is used to determine the compressive strength of cubes and cylinders (hardened concrete).

Schmidt Hammer The Schmidt hammer, also called the rebound hammer, is a device that is used to measure the surface hardness or penetration resistance of concrete or rock.

Slump Cone Testing Apparatus This apparatus is used for the concrete slump test. The slump cone test is used to check the consistency of freshly made concrete - an indicator of the degree of wetness.

Regular mason meets are organised to develop masons and their skills