What is Concrete?
Concrete is a composite mixture of Sand, Cement, Aggregate & Water that is used as the major building material in all branches of modern construction.
What are the constituents of concrete?
The basic constituents of concrete are cement, water, stone and sand.
How to cover concrete?
To save the reinforcement inside the concrete from corrosion, adequate concrete cover is necessary
What is compaction of concrete and what are the steps involved?
Air gets trapped inside the concrete when it is placed and if the entrapped air is not removed by compaction, it can weaken the structure.
What is Curing of Concrete and what are is the procedure?
Curing of concrete is essential to make it stronger, more resistant to chemical attacks and to make it more watertight.
How to prepare concrete?
M-20 Grade of concrete is suitable for RCC construction. (1:1.5:3) Water should be used as per requirement.
What is Brick and block masonry and how to check the quality of the bricks?
The building material brick is used to make walls, pavements and other elements in masonry construction.
What is mortar and how to prepare it?
Mortar is a paste, typically made from the mixture of sand and cement.
What is RCC?
Reinforced cement concrete is the most widely used construction and improper quality of concrete.
Do's and Don'ts
The Do's and Don'ts to avoid cracks in buildings.
What is ductility in reinforced concrete constructions?
Ductility in reinforced concrete construction is of prime importance from earthquake resistant design point of view
What are the typical specifications of Assam type residential houses?
Includes specifications of foundation, walls, flooring, roofing etc.
What are the typical specifications of RCC residential buildings?
Includes specifications of doors and windows, outer and inner plinth walls floors, ceilings etc.