Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC 43)

OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) is the basic form of cement with 95% of it being the clinker and 3 to 5% being gypsum which is added as an additive to enhance the setting time of the cement to a workable 30 minutes odd or so. This cement is the standard norms being manufactured and sold by cementmanufacturersaroundtheworld.

OPC 43 Grade cement attains compression strength of minimum 43 mpa (Mega Pascal) in 28 days. 43 GradeOPC Cement are commonly used for plastering works,RCC,structures,pathways,Roads,Bridges,wall,Airports,Runways &tunnelsetc where initial setting time is not of importance.

It has a fast setting property and higher early strength.

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC 53)

OPC 53 Grade cement attains compression strength of 53 mpa (mega Pascal) in 28 days. 53 Grade OPC cement is used in RCC work (preferably where grade of concrete is M-25 and above)and pre-cast concrete item (block, tiles, pole, sleepers)of higher grades, cement grouts, asbestos product etc, where initial higher strength is the criteria.

Advantage of OPC Cement:-

Prevents Corrosion due to lower chloride content.

OPC includes a mixture of a pozzolanic material which can increase the strength while making concrete of grades M15, M20, M25, M35 and pre-cast segments.

Due to very low percentage of alkalis, chlorides, magnesia and free lime content in its composition, OPC produces highly durable and sound concrete.


PPC (Portland Pozzolana cement) is ordinary Portland cement intimately blended or inter-ground with pozzolanic materials such as fly ash, calcined clay, rice husk ash etc.Amrit Cement PPC (IS 1489-1991) is made by intergrinding high strength clinker with specially processed flyash. This imparts a greater degree of fineness to Fly-ash based PPC cement, improved workability properties while mixing, and makes concrete more corrosion resistant, thermal cracking and impermeable.

Advantage of PPC Cement:-

PPC gains compressive strength with age.

PPC generates reduced heat of hydration and that too at a low rate.

PPC is highly resistant to sulphates.

As the fly ash is finer and low density, the bulk volume of 50 kg bag is slightly more than OPC. Therefore PPC gives more volume of mortar than OPC.

The long term strength of PPC is higher than OPC if enough moisture is available for continued pozzolanic action

PPC gives better workability during preparation of concrete.

PPC gains high tensile strength. PPC resistant to expansion.