Vaastu Tips -plot & Room

Special Vastu Tips for your Dream Home
Entrance of the House
The sun rises in the East and is said to bring in positive energy and light into the household

Recommended to perform a Pooja (Bhumipooja) before starting the house construction

Master Bedroom
Square and rectangular shaped bedrooms are recommended. The Master Bedroom should be located at the South West corner of an East-facing home

Toilet Location
Toilets are to be located in the North-West corner of the building or the North-West corner of the rooms. If this is not possible, South East toilets are allowed

Kitchen Location
The South-East corner of the house is the most ideal one for the kitchen’s location and cooking supposedly should be done while facing the East

Guest Bedroom
The Guest Bedroom should be in the North-West because a room in the North side is preferable for guests as it is closer to the living room and the front of the house. At the same time it is away from the back of the house and the family members have their privacy

Children’s Bedroom
The children’s bedroom should be in the East or West side because Children use the room in the evening for their studies after school and play. The East bedrooms have the advantage of being well lit in the mornings